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Turf Grass Temecula

Turf Grass Temecula

Install Top Turf Grass in Temecula

Artificial turf has become the preferred alternative to install in most outdoor areas that require grass. Every day more and more schools, colleges, and universities are buying artificial grass, especially for their sports fields, because of the advantages that this option offers.

However, there is a general trend that indicates that fake grass that looks real produces more injuries and problems to athletes than natural grass. It is therefore essential to compare both options, to know whether natural grass or turf grass in Temecula is better for sports activities.

What is the Ideal Playing Surface for High School Sports?

  1. Injury Rate

One of the entities that have been most interested in investigating the injury rate of high school athletes is the University Hospitals Sports Medicine Institute. In research conducted during the 2017 and 2018 athletic seasons, they found that there is a 58% higher likelihood of injury on artificial turf fields. However, the researchers also state that the injury rate not only depends on the quality of the artificial turf, but also on the maintenance plans, and the quality of the footwear students play with.

  1. Maintenance

Maintaining natural turf for sports activities can be a real challenge. It requires constant watering, fertilizing and care, and the hiring of lawn maintenance personnel or contractors. This can be unsustainable from a budgetary standpoint for many high schools, which have to reduce athletic offerings or cut back in other areas for turf maintenance. In contrast, the best synthetic turf requires minimal maintenance to obtain top performance for competition. Annual maintenance costs are more controllable, making it a better option for schools in the long run.

  1. Versatility

If schools opt for natural grass, they should tailor it specifically for the development of a particular sport. That is to say, if a soccer field is designed, it can only be used for that sport, which implies, for example, the need for spaces for each sport to be offered to students. On the other hand, quality artificial turf has a great adaptability for the development of different disciplines on a single surface. This is highly convenient for schools since they can design multi-purpose fields so that their students can have a wide range of sports options to practice.

  1. Field Integrity

Natural turf is much more delicate and can be damaged more easily than fake turf. It is also more susceptible to the elements. For example, if it rains on the natural grass field, activities may be suspended for several days to preserve the surface. On the other hand, the fields made by top artificial grass installers such as Pro Lawn Turf (A Progreen Company) are highly resistant and permeable. This allows resuming activities almost immediately after the weather conditions improve.

What is the Key Success Factor?

Artificial turf remains the best option for schools to offer multiple sports options to students. To preserve the physical integrity of the students, it is essential to educate parents about purchasing the proper footwear and other safety equipment. Regarding schools, it is vital to hire top artificial grass installers nearby like Pro Lawn Turf (A Progreen Company). If you want to have the best artificial turf in your school, you can count on us. We have more than 24 years of experience installing the best artificial turf for sports. Contact us and get your quote.

Turf Grass Temecula

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